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Stock video of 50 world locations

WorldClips.TV is the low cost solution for creators of original web videos. Production values matter. You know stock footage from the world’s most desirable locations will make your videos look big league, but the cost is holding you back. Not anymore.

WorldClips.TV has the unbeatable offer of unlimited use of over 5000 broadcast quality clips from 50 world destinations for less than you would pay for a single clip from other providers, ONLY $25 per year!

To see how WorldClips.TV would look in your next video, please download this sample clip we shot at Lake Tahoe and cut it into a test video of your footage. A little tweaking in you NLE and you can perfectly match this shot to what you have shot yourself. Try it.
Download the Free Movie of the week shown above.  
Animals Footage Australian Footage Canada Footage Caribbean Footage
Animals Footage  Australia Footage  Canada Footage  Caribbean Footage
Hawaii Footage Mediterranean Footage  
Hawaii Footage  Mediterranean Footage 
USA Footage European Footage
USA Footage  European Footage 
Business Footage Latin America Footage
Business Footage  Latin America Footage 

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If you’ve got a video camcorder and video editing software, and know how to green screen, WorldClips are all you need to create professional quality movies, music videos, commercials and other custom productions. WorldClips import perfectly into nearly all editing platforms; including Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premier, SONY Vegas, Avid and others. Whether you are using a SONY camcorder, a Panasonic Camcorder, a Canon camcorder or a JVC camcorder, WorldClips will match your original footage. Always use a tripod, we do.
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